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Mobile 3D Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine

With the portable TRITOP CMM system it is possible to measure coordinates of three-dimensional objects fast and precisely.

Tasks that were conventionally processed on probing 3D coordinate measuring machines can be solved with the TRITOP CMM system without costly, heavy and high-maintenance hardware. The idea of “the measure device comes to the measure object” takes on a new meaning.



The TRITOP photogrammetry system is an industrial optical measurement system (portable CMM system). It is used for non-contact and exact acquisition of 3D coordinates of selected points of a measuring object, e.g. surface points, standard geometries, lengths and angles. In addition, it is perfectly suited for static deformation analyses in automotive and climatic chamber tests as well as for process capability analyses.

Independence from ambient conditions

A photogrammetric measurement can be performed regardless of the ambient temperature.

Very high accuracy even with large objects

The combination of this measuring system with one of our specialists allows the acquisition and analysis of various types of features on very large objects, the measuring range goes up to several 10 m component size.


Complete 3D measuring machine with minimal hardware requirements

Notebook, camera, scales and photogrammetry marks are the only components of this highly flexible coordinate measuring machine. These parameters allow us to perform highly accurate measurements for you, even in inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas.


Possible fields of application

  • Inspection of sheet metal parts and car bodies, e.g. in the start of series production or for quality control of samples
  • Quality assurance on large projects, e.g. aircraft, ships or wind turbines
  • Checking and measuring of fixtures, devices and machines
  • Measuring reference point fields
  • Climate chamber
  • Environmental simulation
  • Rigidity measurement
  • Gap dimension change
  • Flush modification
  • Verification and optimization of simulations
  • Deformation measurement and component tests
  • Relative shift
  • Global strain
  • Load and aging tests (force and temperature)

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