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3D digitization

3D Digitization

Optical metrology - Efficiency in a new dimension!

Optical sensors are high-resolution 3D scanners that provide three-dimensional data fast and precise.
On this basis, an absolutely detailed geometric model of the component is created.

With the new generation of ZEISS ATOS 5/5X sensors, we offer you the whole range of digitization from very small components (a few millimeters) to large components (up to 20 m). Almost all materials and shapes can be measured. This simplifies quality control and offers fast adjustments to the geometry as well as flexible further development of your components.

3D digitization

Contact-free, fast and precise

Optical metrology presents completely new opportunities for quality assurance and process optimization in production. Within a very short time, scan data of your components are available to check surfaces and geometries and to make adjustments. The contact-free measurement is fast, precise and non-destructive.

3D metrology with ZEISS

From component to digital model – metrology in perfection with ZEISS systems.
(ZEISS – precise industrial 3D measurement technology)


Mobile use at the customer's site

You have only a limited time available or your component is not transportable – We will come to you! Our measuring systems are mobile and flexible in use.

Automated with PROTOS-3D


With our ScanBox 6235, we can quickly perform precise serial measurements with a high number of parts. The ATOS 5X used provides a very high detail resolution and data quality. Due to the two independently working areas, simultaneous loading and measuring of the components is possible.


The data provided can also be further processed by the user with the freely available ZEISS Software.

Application areas

The field of work is very wide-ranging and can be found in almost all fields of expertise, such as:

  • Quality management
  • Product development
  • Production monitoring
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • etc.

We analyse.
You profit.

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