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robotic acquisition technology


Poly Robot Automated Fixture System

a worker-operable, fully flexible component fixture

in combination with Virtual Clamping

What metrology experts have been dreaming about for decades is coming true with this new development:

The wish to replace mechanical fixtures becomes reality with PRAFS + Virtual Clamping.

With this fully flexible fixture, thousands of different components can be mounted with repeatable accuracy and with accessibility all around. The component is always placed horizontally. The component change takes only a few seconds. No mechanical retooling required. The measurement is performed automatically.

ATOS ScanBox

Fast, automated measurement

In the production and manufacturing process, the ATOS ScanBox provides fully automatic surface deviations between the nominal and actual data


One fixture for thousands of components

Multiple robots form the basis of the fully flexible, programmable PRAFS component fixture – component-specific measuring or clamping devices are no longer required.

GOM Virtual Clamping (VC)

Virtual clamping of components

VC replaces the physical clamping and calculates the surface and feature-based deviation between nominal and actual data, which can be exported in many formats.

The perfect upgrade for your 3D measurement technology

Conventional mechanical clamping systems are mainly made of steel or aluminum. Virtual Clamping (VC) replaces the need for these clamping systems. VC is based on a universally applicable pneumatic holding device, e.g. PRAFS, and can be fully integrated into a ZEISS ScanBox. The algorithms of the ZEISS software ‘GOM Inspect Pro’ combined with an FEM model of the corresponding component, enable the virtual clamping of sheet metal, die cast or plastic components, in the same way as a mechanical clamping device.

A large number of different components are held with just one pneumatic device. Component sizes from 300 mm to 2,000 mm are possible. The parts are positioned manually or automatically on the PRAFS. Additional part-specific contact and clamping elements are not required.

This eliminates the cost of additional component-specific fixtures and significantly reduces operator influence. The measuring system decides whether photogrammetry or calibration is to be done and initiates it automatically.

Changed over in one minute and immediately ready for the next measurement

Time is money! And of course, the less time that goes into setting up the fixtures themselves, the better. Quite apart from the fact that with classic fixtures the biggest cost factor is certainly to be found in the manufacture of the numerous clamping fixtures, a large part of the time is spent on provision, assembly/disassembly, retooling and, of course, logistics and storage. The time and costs required for this are reduced to a minimum with PRAFS.

The PRAFS-EMUSIM is the central link between PRAFS-HMI and the ZEISS software. PRAFS-EMUSIM is a virtual PRAFS clone which allows PRAFS robots to be planned, stored and managed offline.


The perfect upgrade for your 3D measurement technology

With PRAFS, the degree of automation/digitization and therefore also the repeatability can be significantly increased, which has a particular effect on the measuring frequency along a production line in the measuring room and in tool or prototype construction. The costs for the design, manufacture, storage of component-specific, physical measuring devices as well as the modification of measuring fixtures are eliminated.

Your advantages!

  • Higher repeatability (reproducibility)
  • Increased flexibility and variability
  • Extremely short setup times
  • Offline programming of the PRAFS setups
  • Measurement by metrology expert or worker
  • The operating time is much more effective
  • Easy, fast change management
  • Storage of several thousand PRAFS setups

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